Female Band Director Resigns After It’s Revealed She Did Porn On The Side

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Kristin Sundman band director porn star

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Amazingly this story of a band director who was forced to resign does NOT involve any teacher-student sex. Kind of a nice change of pace for once.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t just as salacious though. In fact, this story is still rather insane.

Kristin Sundman, an assistant band director at Kent, Ohio’s Theodore Roosevelt High School, has resigned her position because it was discovered that she was moonlighting as an Internet porn star on the side.

According to The Daily Caller, Sundman appears to have been in several videos engaging in sexual acts with other women as well as by herself in the shower.

Sundman’s Twitter account, @melodyXXXtune, appears to have been deactivated.

A Google search for @melodyXXXtune suggests that the account was not remotely safe for band class — or band camp or work. (It had been private during its existence.)

A (NSFW) search for Twitter mentions of @melodyXXXtune suggests that Sundman has appeared on ItsCleoLive. com, a porn site full of “kinky hardcore vids and pics.” “Hi! I am Cleo!” the website’s introduction enthuses the website’s introduction. “You probably know me as one of the better known cam girls on the net. Welcome!”

The former assistant band director has also appeared to have been a porn performer at SunnyLaneLive. com (“the Girl Next Door…”) and, of course, on Pornhub. com

Sundman had been assistant band director at the high school for eight years prior to her double-life being revealed.

Has to make you wonder how many of her students watched her videos online, doesn’t it?

Sundman has since resigned her position, reports the Record-Courier.


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