Lads Do A Beer Pong Dunk After A Game Winning Shot And — OMG! — RUGBY PILE-UP!


Last week I wrote about how lads are absolutely savages compared to Bros when it comes to debauched group behavior. Bros keep it chill, but “a wolvepack of lads will try to steal your girlfriend in front of you at a club and fuck her in the bathroom while you’re waiting at the bar to buy her a gin and tonic. They don’t give a fuck.” Just go to an O’Neill’s in England and throw on Oasis’s “Supersonic” and watch the place lose its shit. It’s more debauched then any frat house playing “Call Me Maybe” circa 2012.

Another reason lads are different from Bros is this pong dunk. Look, we’ve posted plenty of pong dunks, but usually they don’t result in a group rugby pile up. Usually it’s just “meh, cool” and we move on. But lads turn a pong dunk into a group activity. Lads are socialists like that.

Personally, I think the lads in the video above learned about the “rules” of American beer pong strictly from Internet videos. While sometimes a dunk is good fun, I wonder if they know that it’s not always a given for every pong game. Bros try to make their dunks special — a notable occasion, even. For reference, below are some Bro pong dunks. Note the general chillness compared to the ones above?

If you have a better pong dunk, e-mail it to us.

Bros and lads are different, but at the end of the day we’re the same. Respect for the Senna movie poster. Lads have great taste in cinema.

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