Feast Your Eyes on the Mug Shot of a Lady Who Stabbed Her Husband For Pissing on the Bathroom Floor

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If there were ever a face that screamed “I’M AT THE END OF MY FUCKING ROPE, SOCIETY,” it’s this one right here. I mean, E-fucking-GHADS, this poor lady — whose name is Shery Lynn Downs and is only 52-years-old — looks like she’s been ridden by life and put up wet…and greasy.

Speaking of wet, when Downs’ husband recently doused their bathroom floor with his urine, Downs sprung into action (or rage) by grabbing a “cleaver-type” knife and slashing the 68-year-old man’s face with it. The gash was so deep that it required surgery to close.

According to UPI:

When police arrived at the home of Shery Lynn Downs, her husband was on the front steps holding a bloody towel to his face.

According to the Billings Gazette, “Downs reportedly told police her husband had been causing problems by urinating on the floor, and that he had called a cable company and given a false name in an attempt to get cable service.”

Downs’ husband told police that his wife told him she wanted to “cut him up” and slashed him in the face with a “cleaver-type” knife.

To be fair, she warned him. He found out the hard way, and he’ll be reminded of it every damn time he sees his reflection, that Shery Lynn Downs doesn’t make empty motherfucking threats.

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