Larry Johnson’s $2290 Bar Tab From the Night He Allegedly Spit in a Woman’s Face

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On October 10, 2008, running back Larry Johnson got into a spat with a 24-year-old woman at Club Blonde, a nightclub in Kansas City. The victim, Ashley Stewart (pictured above), accused Johnson of spitting a drink in her face and making a death threat directed toward her and her boyfriend. According to the official police report, Johnson told Stewart, “All I wanted to tell you is I'm going to kill you boyfriend,” and “I'm going to **** his world up because I can't **** yours up” before spraying Stewart with the drink by spitting it in her face. Johnson allegedly attempted to spit on Stewart three more times while walking to his vehicle with his bodyguards. According to the police report, things were much more amicable the week before the incident when LJ allegedly offered to buy Stewart a shot in the same club. She “respectfully” refused. Following the October 10 ordeal, the two-time Pro Bowler was charged with simple assault and benched by the Chiefs for violating an unspecified team rule. 

At the time, the episode was the fourth time in five years that LJ had been accused of assaulting a woman. In November 2008, Stewart decided to sue the pants off the running back. Stewart's attorney, Kirra N. Jones, told the Associated Press “she's willing to be the person who finally makes Larry Johnson answer for his repeated bad behavior,” adding that the lawsuit would “send a message to the Kansas City community that we're not going to let this guy continue to victimize the community like this. We're not going to continue to stand for it.” Johnson's attorney refuted the allegations by accusing Stewart of throwing a drink at LJ earlier in the evening. Johnson has since moved to Washington D.C. after signing with the Washington Redskins for $3.5 million, and, according to the Washington Post, he'll see some playing time in Friday night's pre-season game against the Jets. However, BroBible has learned the lawsuit in Kansas City has yet to be settled after two years. We recently obtained a copy of Johnson's $2290 bar tab from Club Blonde on the night of the infamous incident and thought it was worth sharing.

Larry Johnson's Bar Tab

Here's the restaurant's copy.

Judging by the sketchy math, it looks like LJ just gave up on trying to add the (generous) tip on to the tab, presumably because he had other things to worry about before getting out of dodge. Police and witness reports from the incident are below.

Here's a witness report from Ashley Stewart's boyfriend:

Here's a witness report from Ashley Stewart herself:

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