Why Las Vegas IS the Best City in America

by 6 years ago

“So after we throw-up from eating too much at The Wynn buffet we should gamble until we run out of money. Then we’ll get wasted and try and slam those girls from the pool earlier and if all else fails we’ll just get some hookers tonight and try and do it all again tomorrow with whatever we have left on our credit cards!”

I mean what’s better than planning a night like that? And the crazy thing is, every single night could be just like it! Now, I understand everything in moderation is important but in Vegas moderation = BORING. That’s why I encourage you to visit Las Vegas (probably for 2 or 3 days at the most or you will become a zombie) and see for yourself why it’s the best city in America (mostly the tits and free booze). I probably didn’t need to write this article since everyone has seen the Hangover at least once, but I felt obligated since I finally was able to witness the glory first hand and it did not disappoint… even though I lost like $800 on blackjack and craps ☹

Aristotle is a Florida based comedian who thinks that Las Vegas smells like a divorced cigarette. You can follow him on Twitter @sToTle.  

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