People Shared The Least Sexy Things They’ve Ever Seen Their Partner Do And God People Are Gross

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Another day, another riveting topic to digest from the archives of “Ask Reddit.” Today’s wormhole of WTF that I fell into was created when Redditor rob5153 posed the question to the masses, “What is the least sexy thing you have seen your partner do?

How can a question like that NOT end up with some mind-boggling responses? The answer: it can’t.

Here are some of the wackiest/grossest answers…

Waking herself up with a long slow fart. Like the noise when you squash the air out a sleeping bag before you pack it away. Then she just woke up to see the slightly sad look on my face. ~ mufasabyproxy

Shitting with the door open. We talk about our shit. Even snapchat it to each other because we are sick individuals. A split second of “are you peeing?” Interrupted by a wet shit torpedo. ~ Biscuit22

Throw up and pass out on the floor from food poisoning. She was cold and clammy to the touch. I thought she had died. Not erotic. ~ 3rd_50

Take a bath with her socks on. ~ F4ST_M4ST3R

I recently witnessed by girlfriend eat a muffin, and then proceed to eat the paper wrapping around the bottom. She said it was the best part. ~ Eoin_McLove

Take a massive shit while I’m in the shower then hop in to clean off. ~ IHaveAReallyTinyCock

Burst an ingrown abscessed hair follicle near her vagina. ~ moopymooperson

Was being silly with an ex and he was running around the house in his boxers, his dick flopped out of the boxers front slit and helicoptered around while he ran toward me. I almost peed myself I was laughing so hard, he had no clue it had happened! ~ not_a_throwaway24

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