Let’s Talk About Sasha Cohen’s Weekend: An Essay in 5 Pictures

by 5 years ago


Look, it’s no secret that us here at The BroBible are huge fans of Sasha Cohen. Not only does she seem like a relaxed, down-to-earth girl, she is flat-out beautiful. Call us.

The past few days, though, may have been her sexiest week on Instagram ever. Wanna journey back in time with us? Let’s do it.

Friday, June 27th

Pretty much all yoga pictures now pale in comparison to this one. Why have we been repping yoga pants all this time? Yoga bikini all the way. Call it a yogakini.

Saturday, June 28th

What did Sasha do on Saturday? Be a bridesmaid for the first time? Yes, she did.

This last one, though.

Did you notice something? There weren’t any couple pictures from the wedding. Bridesmaids always get dates.

Might Sasha be single?

We pray.

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