It’s Called the Leisure Dive and It’s Going to Be Bigger Than God (Or At Least Icing)

by 9 years ago

The Leisure Dive website has been up for a few weeks (guessing) and we can’t help but think that it’s better than any other trend — icing, planking, snorting bath salts — in the last two years. People around the country, and in Canada, have already begun to dive leisurely. So it’s only a matter of time before pro athletes take to the pools at their mansions — local YMCAs for those in the MLS and WNBA — and join the fun.

If you are still wondering what the f*ck this is, the website offers a simple explanation about what one should do while taking a leisure dive.

While each diver is encouraged to express his or her own leisure persona through their own unique leisure pose, some common themes exist:

  • One raised elbow
  • A killer leisure face

An item that indicates leisurely attitude (in your non-raised elbow hand). Some acceptable items include:

  • Red Stripe
  • White Russian
  • James Patterson novel
  • Croquet mallet

But don’t feel constrained. Lining up a putt, brilliant! Strumming a ukelele, super! We encourage you to find that leisurely place all your own.

(Note: I left their alternative spelling of “ukulele” in for authenticity.)





Find more photos at Leisure Dive.

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