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BB: All guys have routines and rituals, whether they really realize it or not, when they’re showering. What are some of the essential elements that most guys neglect when washing up?

Dr. Benabio: The two things that guys neglect are their face and their feet.

BB: And why are they so important?

Dr. Benabio: They neglect their face and their feet mostly because guys take time to shampoo their hair and take time to wash their body, but they don’t really wash their faces. So washing your face is obviously important for a lot of reasons especially if you’re going to shave when your get out of the shower. Just the act of washing your face helps prep your beard for you to be able to shave when you get out of the shower. Washing your feet is important for a number of reasons. Not only is it a good way for your feet not to smell, but it also reduces your risk of dry feet, athlete’s foot and warts that can come along from neglecting them.

BB: You mentioned that generic bars of soap aren’t necessarily the way to go. Why is that?

Dr. Benabio: Yeah, it gets into the science of soap.  Soaps, are in general designed to break up oil and then wash them off. So it’s a little bit like when you wash the dishes you use a dishwashing liquid, so what that does is it breaks up the oil and then allows you to wash off the dish. Soaps do the same thing to your skin, except that’s unhealthy. It strips the natural oil, the natural moisturizing factors off your skin, and rinses it off so it leaves the skin damaged because it doesn’t have the natural oils that it needs to have. It can actually damage the protein and damage the skin cells themselves just by that stripping activity.

BB: And what should we be using?

Dr. Benabio: This product comes in, it fits so well because the new Dove Men Plus Care has a product line that does not strip away the natural oils. It’s not a soap, it’s a cleanser there’s actually a difference and it has a moisturizer built right in so it sidesteps that problem of stripping the natural moisturizing off your skin and actually in addition adds a layer of moisture to it, so it’s a lot healthier.

BB: With the shower gel, what’s the best way to apply it? Most guys don’t use lufa’s, is there an alternative?

Dr. Benabio: You can just use it right out of the bottle. So for example, a clean comfort body and face wash, it kind of gets the point I made earlier, you can use it on your face, just put it on your hands and it lathers straight out of your hands. You can wash your face with it, and you can wash your body with it, right down to your feet, and you don’t need and tools at all.

About the Body & Face Wash

    Formulated specifically for men who prefer a mild, unscented body and face wash.
    Hypoallergenic and created without dyes and fragrances for sensitive skin
    The pH neutral formula guarantees a gentle, comforting clean for men prone to skin irritations.
    Clinically proven to fight skin dryness with no irritation or tightness.

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