What It’s Like When You Get A Text From An Unknown Number

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We’ve ALL been there: You wake up after a night of heavy drinking and there’s a mysterious text message from an unknown number.

“Hey. Nice to meet you last night.”

Wha– Who the —? Whose number is this?

Time to investigate. You put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and go into sleuth mode, asking every friend you were out with the previous night about who you gave your number to. Often this proves too difficult in their hungover state. The mystery remains while you play a game of “what ifs?” wondering if you made out with a girl who could be your soulmate.

And then… After that your second blue Gatorade and Dunkin Donuts egg sandwich, it all comes back to you…

It’s Dan the bartender. You said you’d totally go to that NoFX concert with him the next time in town.

This video describes the struggle all too perfectly.