Lindsey Pelas Has An Amazing Rant About Trolls Who Slut-Shame Girls On Instagram

by 4 years ago

Back in April, Lindsey Pelas won the Internet’s heart forever when she put her asshole trolls on blastย with a “kiss-my-ass” butt pic. Today she’s more or less doing the same thing — putting the haters in place. ย After hosting one of the most lit pool parties in Vegas yesterday at Sapphire Day Club (…it’s a pool attached to a strip club, FYI), a group of trolls ganged up on Pelas for taking such an easy endorsement job.

Pelas wound up and pitched straight heaters reminding these assholes that, yes, they are assholes. Her points are solid ones in defense of how Instagram models monetize their personal brand: Someone making a little cheddar off their massive reach and celebrity doesn’t make them a whore — It makes them a smart, savvy capitalist.

All about that hustle, baby.

Tell ’em, Lindsey! You’re building that castle in the sky while all those complaining mouthbreathers are slumming it at their sorry minimum wage jobs. In the immortal words of Notorious B.I.G.

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