A Product Called Liquid Ass, Along With Rabbit Repellent, Hospitalized Six Teenage Bible Campers

According to the Daily Mail:

A stinky practical joke at a Maryland Bible camp turned foul on Tuesday when six campers had to be be hospitalized and the local fire department HazMat had to be called in to clean up a mess involving fart spray and rancid-smelling rabbit repellant.

Authorities say a camper sprayed a product called Liquid Ass – a putrid concoction made to smell like human feces – as well as rodent repellant – which often contains rancid meat or eggs or even coyote urine – into the air conditioning units of two cabins.

According to Fallston Patch:

More than a dozen campers from Camp Wo-Me-To in Jarrettsville were decontaminated and six taken to a local hospital for treatment after deer repellent and fart spray caused them physical irritation.

The Harford County Hazardous Materials team was called to the Christian-run camp near Rocks State Park after a 9-1-1 call around 10 p.m. Wednesday, according to a release from Harford County Department of Emergency Services.

Was walking the fuck outside not an option here? Or did these Bible campers think the power of prayer would rid the air of all foul smells?

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