Lisa Ann And Matt McGann Tell Their Story About How A College Kid And A Porn Star Formed A Life Long Bond

by 3 years ago

By now, we all know the public history between Lisa Ann and Oklahoma State student, Matt McGann. Like most relationships, theirs started with a suggestive and mildly insulting sign on ESPN’s “Gameday.” (What? You didn’t get your girl that way?) After that, it took the obvious progression and Lisa Ann took McGann — a college freshman at the time — to the AVNs. It was a nice gesture and a terrific PR play, but no one thought it would become anything more.

Somehow, the relationship didn’t end there. Last October, Lisa Ann decided to invite McGann to her last AVNs before retirement. What. The. Fuck. Right? Again, we thought this invite would be it. Lisa Ann would throw this kid one last bone. But it wasn’t the end. During March Madness, Lisa took a trip to Stillwater to visit him at college. While the rest of us were all like, “Son. Of. A. Bitch.”

We may not understand the ins and outs of why their bond is so strong, but to this day the unlikely pair still remain in contact. How close of contact? Who can say for sure, but we’re all asking THE EXACT SAME QUESTION. You can fucking count on that.

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