This Little Boy Isn’t Shy About Sharing His Displeasure With A Surprise Trip To Disney

by 4 years ago

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As a parent, when you surprise your kid, it’s to get some gratification on your end. There’s no way these parents wanna go to Disney, but they’re doing it for the kids. To be able to see the excitement on their faces is all the satisfaction they need to make this worthwhile.

But Gavin is not a fake ass bitch, and he’s not about to act over the moon about something that he’s just not that into, which is a move you gotta respect. I wish everyone had a little more Gavin in them and felt comfortable voicing their true opinions. People are so passive aggressive and make you guess how they feel, but not with Gavin. He’s just like “this is me, take it or leave it.”

You can tell on his face, as soon as the reality of a Disney trip sets in, he’s not feeling it. His sister gets all worked up, and as you can see in the screenshot below, he’s giving his overjoyed sister a look like, “this girl is seriously about to act like she wants to drag her as to Disney World in this heat right now; is she out her mind?”

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As a sidenote, are there are more ruthless group of commenters than the commenters on Worldstar? While the comments DO have me laughing out loud, they are hilariously savage towards a little kid. Pretty much all of them say something along the lines of, “Gavin’s a ‘lil bitch, needs to get his ass whooped and quit crying.” Would love to see you say that to Gavin’s face. Bet it’d be a different story then.

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