Philly Woman Live-Tweets Her Neighbors Having Sex, Includes Horrifyingly Awesome Orgasm Audio

by 3 years ago


If you have ever lived in an apartment, or a row home, or have had roommates, or have had the misfortune of staying at a Red Roof Inn, then you more than likely have experienced the unbridled joy that washes over you as you listen to other people fucking. Audibly fucking. Like, people fucking so hard you think to yourself, “Boy, these folks are really getting after it and they don’t give one single shit who knows about it.” Hell, maybe they even take the lord’s name in vain a few times. They’re living in sin anyway. Might as well go nuts!

A coworker of ours, who works over at UPROXX and lives in West Philadelphia, had the distinct privileged of enjoying such a situation earlier today. Smack-dab in the middle of her work day! She was just trying to do her job, blogging and shit, meanwhile, her next door neighbor is getting the demons fucked out of her. Or at least it sounded like something paranormal was attempting to exit her body.

Based on the timeline of Tweets, the neighbor sex commenced around 11AM and didn’t stop until the city of Philadelphia was clear out of orgasms. Trust me when I say that you will never hear another orgasm like you hear in the final video in your entire life.

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