Logging Face Time with Up-and-Coming Rapper/Cal-Berkeley Wide Reciever ‘Loggy’

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This past summer, up-and-coming raper Alex Lagemann, who goes by the stage name “Loggy,” dropped his rookie mix tape, “New Kid.” A junior at Cal-Berkeley, Loggy balances classes, social life, and a burgeoning rap career with time on the gridiron as a wide receiver for the Golden Bears D-I football team. Last Friday, we caught up with Loggy to discuss college football and his meteoric rap career.
BroBible: Where does “Loggy” come from?

Loggy: My last name is Lagemann (pronounced Logg-uh-minn), and during my freshman year, my coaches and friends at Cal started calling me Loggy. When I first started making music I wanted to go by a name that was really me, so I chose the nickname that everybody identified me by. Almost everybody I know calls me Loggy anyway, so it was a perfect fit.

Who is your biggest music inspiration?

My biggest musical inspiration is definitely the band Rebelution. They're a new-wave reggae band that formed in college at UCSB. By going to their shows and keeping their tunes on repeat, I discovered the importance of live production, conscious lyrics, and a feel-good vibe, which I always try to emulate in my records and my live shows. As far as my hip-hop influences, I definitely drew my inspiration to actually rap from Eminem, but in the past few years Slug (of Atmosphere), Asher Roth, Kid Cudi, and Shwayze have all played a big role in my development as a person and artist.

How was college football pre-season?

Pre-season has been sweet. Anytime the football season starts to roll around there's always a big amount of excitement around the university and the team especially. Camp was rough; about 20 straight days of 6 a.m. wake ups, double days, and late-night meetings, but the season is upon us and the team is juiced as hell.
Who is your favorite athlete?

Gotta say my favorite athletes ever are a duo. Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita for the Chicago Blackhawks. I grew up playing ice hockey and traveling around California for games. It will forever be my favorite sport. My dad and I used to watch old hockey games and what those two did on the ice was incredible. Badass players with hustle, finesse, power, and no front teeth. Truly great athletes.
From a football perspective, how did you know Cal was the right spot?

Going through the recruiting process was a pretty crazy experience. Talking to tons of programs around the nation and visiting a bunch of big-time colleges was awesome. When it came down to it, Cal was 50 minutes away from my hometown, offered up a great education, and provided me with a positive atmosphere to compete and eventually earn a spot in the receiver rotation. Other than that, I love the laid-back, chilled-out NorCal atmosphere and I dig all the crazy people and places around Berkeley.

D-I football is no joke. Is the NFL in your future or do you see yourself taking music to the next level? Maybe the integration of both?

Right now I'm not getting too caught up in what I'll be doing after school, and football for that matter. Trying to get to the Rose Bowl is number one on my list, but I'll always be working my ass off to make new music, videos, and head out for performances as well. The experiences my crew and I have had in the past few months by testing the waters of the entertainment industry have been mind blowing to say the least, and we've enjoyed every minute of it. I think when all is said and done, I'll choose to do what will make me the happiest. I have my heart in both so we'll see what happens, but, truthfully, I can never see myself stop making music.
What was your best show to date?
Man, there have been way too many sick shows to name one as my favorite. The craziest show ever was definitely UC-Davis. Tons of love over there. The whole 2010 Spring Break tour we did was awesome; USC and Pomona College were off the hook as well, and getting to perform with Pep Love (from Hieroglyphics) up in Nevada was something I'll never forget.


Best football moment at Cal?

My favorite moment was beating Stanford in the Big Game last year. I had three catches and one big one on third down of the game-winning drive. Beating them at their place was CRAZY. Our fans rushed the field, we were on their shoulders, people were crying and partying on the field. I've never felt like that before. No doubt the greatest football moment ever.
Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself on tour with my best friends, doing what we always do: having fun, making great music, and trying to reach people with the music. There are so many places and experiences I have yet to encounter, and I see myself on the road meeting people, having a blast, and living life up to the best of my abilities.

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