The 10 B’s to Look Forward to This Summer

by 7 years ago


Whether you’re an avid surfer, wakeboarder, etc. or just an average dude enjoying the sights, nothing beats a sunny beach day in the summer.


Girls are like bears: they pack on the pounds and hibernate during the winter, but come back with a vengeance in the summer.

Burgers, brats, beers, and bocce ball….SOLD.

With the exception of Ultra, all the best music festivals take place during the summer.

Dust the cobwebs off your clubs and hit the links.

Bikinis, Boobs, Breasts
Pretty self-explanatory

Baseball can be pretty boring, but it’s the only sport we have to keep us going through the summer months.

John C. Reilly summed it up best, “Boats and hoes, boats and hoes, gotta have me some boats and hoes”.

Summer is the only time of the year college kids can make any money. Enjoy watching your bank account rise to historic levels, then depreciate all the way back down to single digits during the school year.

Box Office Hits
The best movies of the year always come out during the summer….Dark Knight Rises anyone??

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