Looking for Bros of the Week at the Links, on the Field, and On Stage

by 9 years ago

4. Justin Timberlake
Jessica Biel will continue to be the only reason I ever need to murder him and then burglarize his lifeless body, but… um, wait, that's not what I meant to write. Anyway, he's got a new movie coming out this week — that no one should see — and despite Jimmy Fallon's best efforts to ruin it, his rap number on “Late Night” was pretty sick.

3. U.S. Ryder Cup Team
Although the winners of Friday's first matches haven't even been decided, my love of country and passion for golf won't allow me leave these guys off the list. On behalf of everyone born in America and not currently practicing treason, pound those Euros into the ground and bring that f*cking hardware home, boys! And Tiger, please rip into that blonde's ass: your golf game looks as if it could use some random p*ssy.

2. Greg Giraldo
I'll never quite understand why his career failed to reach higher grounds: He had the material, the delivery, and even out-shined bigger stars at every Roast he was on. He didn't give a f*ck who was sitting in that chair, he laced into them with the classless mercy that Roasts were designed for. Whether his overdose was accidental or
intentional, we lost a great comedian — who was actually funny — this week. It should have been Colin Quinn…

1. Everyone Involved in Ike Ditzenberger's TD
Anyone who has ever taken a moment to step away from their own reflection or watched one of ESPN's tear-jerking “My Wish” segments will be able to appreciate what two football teams did for Ike — a student at Snohomish High School who also happens to have Downs Syndrome. Ike practices every day with the Snohomish junior varsity football team and last week they got him into the game and he rumbled 51 yards for a touchdown. Check out the video below, he even does an end-zone dance.


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