From Controller to Cockpit: How Lucas Ordonez Went From a Gamer to a Le Mans Series Racer

by 9 years ago

Yesterday in Orlando, 32 average joe gamers competed for the chance to get one step closer to achieving the dream of being a pro race car driver. These 32 guys were narrowed down from a massive pool of over 50k online contestants in the first ever GT Academy in the United States. 16 of the 32 bros qualified to fly over to Silverstone, a historic racetrack in the UK, to take their gaming skills offline and enter an intensive driver training program for a chance to become a bona fide race car driver. At first pass, it may seem like a complete joke that a video game could be considered a qualifier for real life racing but believe me, this simulator is way more realistic and much harder than it looks, requiring real knowledge of physics and driving. I jumped in one of the custom built gaming sleds and spent a majority of the race off the pavement, plowing into barriers and spinning out for getting a little too heavy on the gas.

It all sounds a little too good to be true, which is why I caught up with Lucas Ordonez, the bro who won the European GT Academy while doing his MBA in Spain and now stands upon the podium of Le Mans Series races. Since winning GT Academy, he has spent his days traveling, driving, and doing things he never could've imagined doing 3 years ago… err, in real life.

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