The ‘Main Drain’ Is A New Product That Allows Dudes To Never Have To Put The Toilet Seat Down Again


Main Drain

Putting the toilet seat down is a struggle. Sometimes we forget. Sometimes we’re lazy. Sometimes the wife delivers a shit dinner and payback needs to be had. Whatever the case may be, most dudes hate putting the toilet seat down.

To be fair, I have a soft close toilet seat and I just slam it, so putting the seat down isn’t an issue in my life. Picking the seat back up is my burden these days. But the Main Drain promises to take all the unnecessary bending — that comes with picking up and putting down the toilet seat — out of your day by giving you an affordable at-home urinal alternative.

There is one obviously flaw here: Unlike a toilet seat, you don’t need to put the Main Drain down, but you do need to remember to move it out of the way for others. Provided your wife, or whoever else rips deuces on your toilet, doesn’t mind having your piss catcher stare them right in the face while the strong scent of asparagus urine tantalizes their nasal passage.


Main Drain

If you think the Main Drain is a must-own item, go to their KickStarter page and piss some of your money away.