Major Adult Website Has Great Ideas For Its National Advertising Campaign

by 6 years ago


Major online smut peddler Pornhub (whom we love) is about to launch its first ever national print and television advertising campaign.

The company took a very unusual route, though, to creating its ads. Instead of hiring an established firm, the website asked its user base to create their own ads. Pornhub released the finalists today, and the submissions are great.

This ad cleverly hints at the diversity of the site's video catalog.

Another promotes the idea that everybody you know is secretly using the site.

That’s renowned literati Jonathon Franzen, who has written many a screed about the internet and the problematic nature of it. While he probably wouldn’t grant his likeness, I bet he does watch porn.

Whoever wins will also get a one-year contract with the site to be its creative director. To see the rest, and vote for a winner, go to Pornhub’s Tumblr, which is safe for work.

[H/T Business Insider]

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