The Male Birth Control Pill May Be Ready Soon

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A team of scientists at Texas A&M announced yesterday that they have found a compound which acts as an inhibitor to sperm production, eliminating male fertility. The researchers believe they can translate these findings into making a pill for male birth control—and they don't think it'll contain the hormonal side effects that come with female birth control. Namely, it won't drop that precious testosterone.

From a Texas A&M press release:

Qinglei Li, an assistant professor in Texas A&M's College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, is part of a team of researchers led by Martin Matzuk at Baylor College of Medicine and James Bradner at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute who made the discovery, and their work is published in the journal Cell.

Working on mice, the team found that a compound called JQ1 acts as an inhibitor to sperm production and also sperm mobility.

“Both of these are needed for fertility, but JQ1 prevents both,” Li says of the findings.

“It stopped the sperm production very dramatically. More good news is that there appear to be no side effects whatsoever. Once the JQ1 was no longer given to the mice, they were back to their normal reproduction rates, and it did not affect mating behavior or the health of the offspring.”


The release goes on to say that 70% of men say they would be willing to take the pill if it were available. I'd be willing that number is higher for the 18-30 year-old crowd.

Of course, there is a drawback that could come with this. Guys constantly rag on their girlfriends for forgetting to take the pill, but women are WAY less forgetful than men. Something tells me most guys will probably miss a few days.

Oh and also, expect STD rates to absolutely skyrocket among guys who use the pill. 

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