Male Professor Strips On The Subway To Make Fun Of Plus-Sized Model Iskra Lawrence Stripping On The Subway

by 1 year ago

Last week my favorite girl in the universe, “plus-sized model” Iskra Lawrence (…maybe return my texts?), stripped on the NYC subway to make a point about female body image. People watched while she ranted with typical NYC “I’m-in-my-own-world-right-now” apathy.

Which brings us to today’s video, posted above. A male professor got on the London Tube and launched into a similar rant, also taking off his clothes a la Iskra Lawrence. Except he doesn’t look like this:


He looks pasty and like he can’t wait to go home and lick the Cheetos dust off his finger, like this:


I love Iskra Lawrence and her positive message, but I also like this dude. In an era of self-righteousness and people taking themselves way too seriously, he’s the hero we need.

Here’s the original:

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