Male Starbucks Employee Is Facing Backlash For Hitting On Hot Chick In Most Creative Barista Way Possible


Let’s kick this post off with the $100,000 question, is crossing out the words on the bottom of a cup so it says “Caution, You’re Extremely Hot” creepy or a dynamite way for a Starbucks barista to hit on the opposite sex?

Granted, you probably shouldn’t be hitting on customers, but if you’re going to do it, I think this was a fairly innocent and playful way to do it. But that’s just me, and when 19-year-old Laura Roberts received a cup highlighting that very message, her mother was appalled. OUTRAGED, even.

According to the Daily Mail:

A Starbucks barista attempted to woo a 19-year-old customer with a message on her coffee cup only for his efforts to be branded ‘creepy’ by her unimpressed mother.

The amorous coffee company employee had scribbled out part of a warning message on the cup he gave to Laura Roberts, leaving behind the text: ‘Careful you’re extremely hot.’

But his flirtatious message did not win over Miss Roberts’s mother, Alex Blaine, who jokingly shared a picture of the cup online with the caption: ‘Creepy barista writing inappropriate messages on my daughter’s coffee cup. Looks like son-in-law material.’

Something about this smells fishy to me. Not to say that it is fake, because I believe it happened, but I think Roberts’ mother was pissed about something other than the message. Meaning, if the barista who handed this cup, with a flattering and, again, fairly innocent message, to her daughter was attractive, this wouldn’t be a story. She’d turn to her daughter and say something along the lines of, “He’s so cute, Laura and you’re always going out with such losers. Go give him your number. Who knows,  maybe he’ll let you blow him behind the dumpster later.” Ok, ok, maybe she wouldn’t have added the blow job part, but you get the gist.

My guess is that didn’t happen because the barista was ugly or gross-looking in some other way. So that alone made this flirtatious offering creepy rather than flattering.

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[H/T Daily Mail]

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