Man Born With No Dick Is Finally Getting One By Using Another Part Of His Body

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Andrew Wardle born without penis


Remember Andrew Wardle, the guy with no dick who claimed to have bedded over 100 women?

Well, very soon he will REALLY be able to satisfy the ladies because… drumroll… he is going to get a new dick. And it’s going to be made out of his… arm. For reals.

But first, how exactly does one live to be 40 and not have a dick, I hear you asking? Turns out that Wardle was born with an abnormality where his bladder formed on the outside of his body, thus no penis. Surgery as a baby put his bladder back where it belonged but he’s still been dickless his whole life.

That all changes soon though, according to a report by People.

“They told me they could build a penis out of my arm,” Wardle says the of the four operations he’ll soon undergo. Doctors will incorporate muscle and skin grafted from his right forearm to create a fully functioning penis.

While he has high hopes for the final result, Wardle knows it’s a slow process.

“I’m taking it one step at a time and not expecting anything,” he says. As far as going public with his long-held secret? “I’m at the age where I really don’t care. Since I hit 40, I don’t care what people think or do.”

How one makes a penis out of an arm is a mystery we don’t have the answer to here, but hey, they’re doctors. They know what they’re doing, right?

Wardle’s girlfriend Fedra is also down with this whole process.

“She’s a really nice girl,” he says. “She’s on board 100 percent.”

Of that I have no doubt.

Anyone want to place bets on how long it is before one of his friends decides to call him “arm dick?” Has to be within the first week, right?

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