NJ Man Dies from Pen*s Enlargement Injection from Fake Doctor

by 9 years ago

Justin Street wasn't happy about the size of his member so he sought the medical help of Kasia Rivera. One problem: Rivera wasn't a medical professional, she was a fake doctor who held something called “pumping parties” in East Orange, N.J. The 34-year-old Rivera injected Street's pen*s with silicon to enhance his wang at one pumping party. The fake doctor gave Street a killer erection, literally. Street, 22, suffered from a fatal blood clot and died on May 6. The medical examiner determined the cause of death as silicone embolism. Street’s death was ruled a homicide and Rivera was arrested after an investigation by the prosecutor’s office. So if you have a tiny d*ck, please don't get silicon injections from a pretend doctor; just wallow in your disappointment of having a miniscule pen*s because at least you'll still be alive to use it.