If You Find An Anaconda In Your House, Don’t Piss It Off Like This Guy Did

by 3 years ago

If I’ve learned anything from my seven years at BroBible (goddamn, SEVEN YEARS) it is that a whole heap of dumb people exist in the world. This man, who thinks it’s wise to trifle with a fucking anaconda, is one of those dumb people.

Bro. A live and very gigantic snake-like animal is coiled in your home. The only option here is either 1) be a bitch and call a professional to remove it or 2) kill the fucker with a hail of gunfire or stab wounds. This thing INVADED your home. As far as I’m concerned, the moment that happened he left his animal rights on the front fucking porch. I think you have to go full Rambo on that thing. Send a message to the rest of his gang. And for the love of Christ, don’t try to pet it if your next move isn’t knifing it in the face. Moron.

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