Man Gets Giant Charles Ramsey Tattoo on His Leg

According to Fox 8:

While he jokes about his decision, Munhollon said the tattoo actually has meaning.

“In society, a lot of times people choose not to get involved in situations,” he said. “I think what’s really grabbed people in regards to Mr. Ramsey, is he’s an average, everyday guy. He’s an ordinary person, he was put in an extraordinary situation that he could have walked away from. But he chose to do something.”

Munhollon said he’s gotten stopped several times already about the tattoo, and people have even requested to have their photos taken next to it.

“People even around here loved it because everyone knows who this guy is now,” said Rose. “I wasn’t sure if people would think it was Jimi Hendrix or Bob Marley, but everyone knew right away it was Charles Ramsey.”

The good AND bad news for Munhollon is that the annoying attention will stop in about three more days, as that's what's left in the self-life of Charles Ramsey's fame. After that it's smooth sailing, just thirty to forty more years of having to answer the occasional question of “Who the fuck is that black dude on your leg?” 

[H/T Hypervocal]