Watch Man With Half a Head Deliver Anti-Drug PSA While Smoking Blunt

by 6 years ago

The man, known as “Halfy,” burst onto the scene last year when the Miami New Times posted his mugshot after he was picked up for soliciting a prostitute. His pleas to cops telling them they were picking up the wrong half-headed man fell on deaf ears.

In the video, he tells the story of how he lost a significant part of his skull in a car accident while high.

He then breaks the story of the century.

“Obama's the president of y'all's United States and he smokes,” Halfy claims. “Motherf*cker has the whole White House growing. Why can't I smoke one blunt?”

Then, the conversation naturally turns to what he likes in a woman. And as you might expect, he has some interesting opinions in that arena as well.


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