Insane Man Jumps Off Mountain, Lands Safely in Lake

Then he did it. In La Garda, Italy, Dumont donned a wingsuit and soared from the top of a mountain for a while before skimming safely onto the water below. Without a parachute. Let's repeat that. He jumped off a mountain without a parachute and was just like “Woohoo, I'mma bird” or some shit. Some crazy shit. Oh, by the way, no one had ever done this before. You know, jumped off a mountain without a parachute and landed in a lake. He was just like “Sure. This will work.” What a nut. 

Note: A lot of YouTube commenters are calling this fake. Whether it is or is not doesn't change our official stance: YouTube commenters are idiots. 

[H/T Kottke

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