Naked Guy High On Bath Salts Attacks Mailman, Then Says The Most Outlandish Shit To The Cops

by 3 years ago

You would have to have been in a coma or just living completely off the grid to not know that a man who was supposedly high on bath salts ate a dude’s fucking face only a few short years ago. Most people, even those who enjoy taking drugs, see that and think, “Bath salts, not even once.” But this guy…he’s a different breed of moron.

The guy not only got naked (why is everyone on bath salts naked?) but he attacked a mailman, ate someone’s 1099 (that’s a real bitch) and then rambled on about “snorting a fuck ton of pink up his asshole” (whatever that means) and being a rapist (yikes) when the cops finally had him subdued.

Per the guy who captured this insanity’s caption on Live Leak:

So this happened…A man on drugs attacked my mail man and ate my 1099. Seriously. The mail man maced him, and I heard the screaming. I started rolling tape as soon as the police arrived to subdue him. This video was originally posted on YouTube, but the assailant was able to convince YT to remove it. He committed a few felonies in my front yard, and I did not press charges. This video is my justice. If my 3 year old daughter can’t erase his genitalia from her memory, then I’ll keep posting this as a reminder to all…Don’t do drugs. Or, if you do, don’t do bath salts. Until next time.

Bath salts are dangerous, sure, but it is stupidity that is a helluva a drug.

[H/T The guy who took the video, because he really wants this bath salts guy to fucking suffer for his sins.]

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