Man Punches Female Cop And She Lights His Ass Up With 50,000 Volts

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You shouldn’t be punching cops, especially if you’re a man and they’re an officeress. But if you’re going to punch a police officer (But you really, really shouldn’t because you are going to make your life way, way worse) you had better make sure you put everything into that punch and the hook severely incapacitates the law enforcement officer so you can scamper away. If you have a weak pussy punch like this fella, you will suffer the full extent of the law, and that includes a tasering.

The gentleman, who very well could be a crackhead, throws what could possibly be the weakest punch in the history of mankind. It was so ineffective that his lawyer should argue that is was too weak to be considered assault.

The cop whips out her taser and gives him the shock of his life. He refuses to obey her commands so she continually zaps him right infront of several diners and children at a McDonald’s.

I like how the female officer gives multiple lessons about hitting cops to the guy who just hit her while she’s zapping him with 50,000 volts. She lit him up so much that he started doing barrell rolls. Then he was twitching on the ground like a roach that just got sprayed with Raid.

The moral of the story is don’t bring that weak sauce and don’t punch women.

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