Man Rams Truck into Taco Bell after They Forgot His $.99 Taco

by 7 years ago

Meet 23-year-old Michael Smith, a Taco Bell enthusiast with a very short fuse. Around midnight, Mr. Smith was visiting his local Taco Bell in Huber Heights, Ohio to indulge in some of their world-renowned Mexican cuisine. Smith left with his Taco Bell fourth meal, but shorty discovered that the fast food restaurant had not given him one of his $.99 tacos he ordered. Instead of calling it a night, Smith returned to the Taco Bell to scream at the cashier. The customer complaint did not stop with a verbal thrashing. The unhappy Taco Bell customer then rammed his pick-up truck into the restaurant and fled the scene. Unfortunately for Smith his truck left a trail of automotive fluid that gave authorities a direct path to his residence. Smith was then charged with felony vandalism and is being held at Montgomery County Jail. 

So please check your orders before leaving your favorite fast food establishment so that you don't get arrested.

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