MOTHER OF GOD! Man Rushed To The Hospital After Snapping Dick During Sex

by 2 years ago

Today in “Thank my lucky stars that I’m not this dude” news, a man snapped his dick. No, he did not do as Draymond Green did and share a photo of his dick on Snapchat. This poor, poor, poor gentleman literally snapped his dick.

The Daily Mail is reporting that a middle-aged Vietnamese man was rushed to hospital after “breaking” his penis during sex.


After breaking his third leg, the 59-year-old man was rushed to a hospital in Ho Chi Minh City. The organ had also turned a bright purple and required immediate medical attention, the Tuoi Tre newspaper reported.


He told doctors that he had heard a loud crack while boning his partner.

Not in the top 10 things you want to hear during sex.

Physicians were shocked when they saw the wrecked fuckstick because the damage had taken place at the dickroot where the dong met his body.


“The organ was swollen and bruised, but also certainly broken at the joint,’ Dr. Mai Ba Tien Dung from Binh Dan Hospital said. I’m sure Dr. Dung is a great guy, but sounds like he is a shit doctor.

The unnamed man was taken into surgery where doctors proceeded to stitch the broken member back into position.

Can we start a GoFundMe or something for this poor fuck?

Dennis Rodman chuckles at this fucking amateur. Rodman broke his dick THREE times.

Can I stop coddling my twig and berries in love and protection now that I’m done writing about this cruel and unusual torture?

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