Man Totals His Ferrari F458 Italia Spider While Trying To Pass On A Wet Highway

Back in 2013, Afrojack bought a $260,000 Ferrari 458 Italia Spider and plastered his name all over it like he was driving an energy drink company car. Then, a few days later, he totaled it on a rainy Dutch highway. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Italian supercars don’t handle well in a rain.

That’s basically what happens in this video: This man totaled his brand new Ferrari F458 Italia Spider when he tried to accelerate to pass other cars on a wet highway. He loses control, swerves, and crashes right into a wall.

Can’t say he didn’t have it coming to him. Dude should have taken it nice and easy instead of trying to get showy. You want to spent hundreds of grand on a car you take out in the rain? Buy a Land Rover.