This Video Of A Manhole Explosion In New York City Is Terrifying

by 4 years ago

Today’s reminder that it’s a terrifying world out there: This incredible footage of a manhole cover exploding in New York City’s Hells Kitchen neighborhood. Apparently this particular blast happened on 45th Street and Ninth Avenue on Friday evening, shattering windows in a building five stories up. via ABC 7:

The force of one of the blasts shattered windows on a building five stories up, sending shattered glass to the street below. Eyewitnesses said people were running through the street after the explosion. The manhole cover landed on top of a fire hydrant, which shattered upon impact. ConEd said the cause was a problem with an underground network of feeder cables. Work started with one manhole at noon, then the problem spread to the Ninth Avenue manhole. With smoke filling the neighborhood, firefighters briefly blocked Ninth Avenue. By the time it reopened, traffic was at a standstill for more than 14 blocks Friday afternoon. There are no reports of injuries.

Remember when you were a kid and thought Ninja Turtles lived in manholes, battling for the good of humanity against a mutant underworld? Turns out it’s something way more terrifying then Shredder and some foot soldiers. It’s a network of cables from America’s antiquated public utility infrastructure that might spark fire and explode, causing scary scenes like the video above.

Manhole explosions seem to happen every summer in NYC, but there have been three big, newsworthy incidents this year. That’s enough for me to want to move to a nice cottage in the Catskills for a while.

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