Man Jumps Out Window And Breaks His Legs When Attempt To Rape A Woman Fails, Victim Proceeds To Film And Taunt Him



Let me start by saying, HOLY SHIT. This is easily the most “what the fuck did I just watch” video — if it’s real — that I’ve seen in a while. The knife-wielding gentleman in the photo above is stuck, crawling on the ground after suffering two broken legs when his attempt to “allegedly” rape a woman was thwarted by her badass sister, causing him to jump out of a window to safety. Also, his demise.

Here is the word-for-word description from LiveLeak:

Woman Loss Her Phone at a Local corner Store, when she call Her Number A Man Answer And Was Very Nice To Her Said He Would Return Her Phone.

He Did Not Showed up With Her Phone… Instead a Big ASS Knife Ready To Rape Her.

He Tell Her Drop everything “Bi**h Am Gonna Fu**k The Sh**t Out Of You”

He Drag Her By Her Hair Bring Her in a Room Where Her Sister Was, Luckily Her Sister Know How to Fight.

She Defend Herself Then Rapist Jump out The Window.

You can’t make this shit up, folks.