According To This Interactive Map Of ‘Men Who Don’t Work’, Bros In The Southwest Are Lazy As Fuck

by 6 years ago

I don’t know if it’s a lazy thing, or if there’s simply no jobs to be had, but why aren’t you bros in the southwest creating jobs? Or if we take one step back, why aren’t you bros in the southwest working at all?

Living in NYC I cannot fathom a life where over 50% of guys (between the ages of 25-54) either are not working or choose not to work. Is there some magical ‘cost of living’ bath everyone in the southwest bathes in that makes things like rent disappear?

The NYTimes published this interactive map based on US Census data, and it shows each county in the US and the percentages of men aged 25-54 who are not working. The darker the green, the more men there are in that region that are not working. As you can see on the map the Southwest and Kentucky/West Virginia are as dark as it gets.

So what’s this mean? How the hell do I know?! I’m not a census epidemiologist, and I don’t actually care about making sense of this data. I simply found it fascinating to see the areas of the USA where men don’t work mapped out.

If you’re curious as to how your individual county shapes up you can CLICK HERE to the NYT.