Map Of NYC Shows Which Manhattan Neighborhoods Have Bars With The Lowest Beer Prices

by 3 years ago
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If you don’t live in New York City then you are probably appalled by booze prices any time you visit New York City. Hell, even if you do live here, you probably never get completely on board with paying $8 for a fucking bottle of Bud Light. Especially when you remember that you used to buy an entire 30-rack of Red Dog for like $8 in high school. Goddamn, I miss Red Dog. It tasted like liquid shit, sure, but they had some badass cans didn’t they?

Anyhoo… as it turns out, when you’re out at a bar buying brews in NYC, it all depends on which neighborhood you’re in if you’ll get monetarily fucked or not. And while I never understood why so many people willingly lived in the Lower East Side, the map below kind of makes a strong argument for it.

Beer NYC4 (1) (1)

Map courtesy of the app Price Per Pint, which aggregates drink prices, happy hours, and specials from bars and pub.