This U.S. Map Shows What Billionaire Can Buy Every Home in Your City, Is Depressing

by 5 years ago


What we have above is a map of the U.S. made by a real estate company Redfin that compares the wealth of the richest Americans (see: BILLIONAIRES) to the total value of all residential real estate in major cities. The results are staggering, aggravating, and depressing. These people have amassed such wealth that they can buy every single house in some cities. A statistic that no doubt makes the rest of us feel like the poors that we are. In fact, the only silver-lining that I can find is that none of them are rich enough to buy New York City on their own. Take that, you motherfuckers.

Here are some more rich people who can absorb entire cities. And if you care to fully immerse yourself in this dejecting exercise, head on over to Redfin for more emotional punishment.


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[H/T: Redfin]

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