This Map Shows What Porn Terms Each State Searches For The Most On Pornhub

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Well well, America, looks like your porn watching habits aren’t as despicable as I imagined. Would I be lying if I said I didn’t expect “Lesbian” to be as popular as it apparently is? Yes. And to be completely honest I’m a little shocked “incest” and “bestiality” don’t make the cut here – maybe not as serious searches, but we all know at least one person in our lives who we can point to and be like “Yeah…yeah that guy probably watches some freaky, freaky porn.”

But apparently the freaky porn that guy’s watching isn’t even that freaky: in fact chances are he’s just watching lesbian porn. According to Vocativ,

In partnership with Vocativ, Pornhub analyzed state-by-state searches during the first month of this year. The term “lesbian” ranked highest in 30 states scattered from west to east. In fact, among the ten states driving the most traffic to Pornhub, “lesbian” was the leading search term in all but two. California, which accounts for the largest proportion of searches nationwide, took the crown with more than 187,000 searches for the word in January alone.

Not every state is up for girl-on-girl action though: Mississippi, Georgia and Delaware’s top search term is “ebony,” while Hawaii’s most popular search was “asian.”

See for yourself:



[Via Vocativ]

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