Marine Surprises Son At School As Class ‘Mystery Reader’, And Do You Have An Extra Kleenex?

Jayden Gall, a kindergartner from Otsego, Michigan hadn’t seen his father in 18 months. Sergeant Joshua Gall, a Marine, had been deployed and was stationed in California. Or so Jayden thought.

Sergeant Gall was waiting outside the classroom while the teacher egged the class on with prodding questions about who this months ‘Mystery Reader’ would be. Jayden put it all together by the third clue, and his father strolled in thereafter. Couldn’t have scripted it better.

When asked what he planned to do with his son, the Sergeant said:

“He just had a birthday, so I’m going to go take him to get a birthday present and on the deployment I made him and my daughter a little treasure chest of all the places that I’ve been. I’ve got them stuff from everywhere.”

I feel emotions.

Marine or not, call your dads, bros.