VIDEO: Mark Haines Announces His 2010 ‘Bro of the Year’ Honorable Mention on CNBC

by 8 years ago

The BroBible team was thrilled to receive an on-air shout out from Bro of the Year honorable mention Mark Haines on Monday morning. Here’s what he had to say:

“I will — in all humble modesty — mention that gave me honorable mention for ‘Bro of the Year 2010.’ I’m quite proud of it and it was made extra sweet by the fact that my wife was horrified.”


Thanks for reading, Mark! Something tells us a Bro like you will be just fine patching things over with the old lady. However, we have a question for Erin Burnett, who didn’t really seem all that amused about her co-star making the list: Where’s the love?! There’s no animosity here — next to Mark, you’re our favorite anchor on CNBC! We’d like to extend an olive branch and promise to put you on the “Hotties of the Year” list for 2011, just like when you made our “Dirty Dozen” Business Babes list of ’09.

Watch the video after the jump.

Big-time hat tip to tipster GR for sending along the video. Much appreciated!

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