Meet The Married Couple Who Get Paid To Teach Bros How To Go Down On Chicks, Claims Marriage Is ‘Closer Than Ever’

by 4 years ago


Bianca and Rob Pace, known to some as the “Taboo Couple,” are a husband and wife duo who get paid to coach people on how to have sex that doesn’t suck so that your marriage doesn’t become one hug downward-spiral ending in divorce and a murder/suicide that’ll leave detectives wondering what really happened for years to come. While neither one of them are formally trained in the ways of the bedroom, they found after four years of advertising themselves as high-class escorts that they were rather gifted when it came to having three-ways with single men. According to Mirror,

Although they were not paid for sex, they were paid for their time. If intercourse happened later, it was purely on their own time and completely legal, Bianca tells The New York Post.

Sometimes they would even perform for their new friends.

But they soon found that people wanted advice from them, so they hit upon their new business model.

As the Taboo Couple, they sex coach people who feel like they need it, from massage techniques to role-play tips.

As for whether or not Bianca and Rob are any good at their “jobs,” Bianca says that she once showed a man who hadn’t had sex with his wife for 20 years (wut) how to “bring romance back into their lives.”

”…Why spend money seeing us or an escort girl when you can hire a baby sitter and treat your wife to a date night?”

“…We’re grateful for the effect that sharing our sexuality has had on our marriage. We’re closer than ever because we get turned on by the fantasies our clients express. It makes for a far better sex life for us.”(via)

The two are reportedly hoping to make their way onto reality television with their story, although as of right now there’s no word on whether or not they’ve been approached for a show.

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