Mars Curiosity Rover Lands on Red Planet, Immediately Tweets Sex Joke

by 7 years ago

So how did the people at NASA celebrate the achievement? With a sex joke on the official Twitter account, of course.

All night, NASA used the @MarsCuriosity account as a first-person narrative to inform us on what was going on with the risky descent. Once you got past the inherent ridiculousness of a robot Tweeting out its process, it was actually kind of cool and funny. “I feel lighter & faster already. Cruise balance masses ejected and Mars is pulling me in #MSL,” it said right before its descent. Then it followed with this: “Entering Mars' atmosphere. 7. Minutes. Of. Terror. Starts. NOW. #MSL” This was a reference to what the crew had taken to calling the complex and risky landing, considering it had a less than 50% chance of working. (Watch this Michael Bay-esque video for a glimpse at how dangerous it actually was.)

Then, the rover landed, and it dropped this bomb:

While the people at NASA will deny this was a sex joke, you don't just land in a crater that shares the name of a woman and say “I AM IN YOU!!!” (Especially because I can imagine a few of the scientists and engineers at NASA saying something like this when they lost their virginity.)

Nice work on all accounts, guys.

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