Massive Brawl At Denny’s Is Only Made Better By The Color Commentary Of The Cameraman

by 2 years ago

If you have dreams of producing viral content, go to a Denny’s past 2 am with a fully-charged phone. It’s full of people who are drunk and couldn’t get laid, so they decided the next best thing was to wolf down some pancakes and punch a stranger in the face. The hoopla above occurred at an Albany, New York Denny’s at 4:20 am (do you even blaze, bro?) and was caught on tape by self-described comedian Nick Nack Pattiwhack. Like a true millennial, Pattiwhack took it upon himself to break up the fight film the carnage while providing color commentary. Thank you for your service, Pattiwhack. Now go give a dog a bone.

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