These Photos of Mayflies Invading Wisconsin Might Make You Shit Yo Fuckin’ Pants

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The annual mayfly hatch — which occurs along the Mississippi River — has recently taken place. This year’s swarm was larger than usual and Wisconsin got F’d right in the B. BIG TIME. I mean, look at all them bugs. Loads and loads of fucking bugs. Everywhere.

According to NY Post:

“They’re sometimes accumulating in areas that are lit up at night; so street signs, any of the power poles that have power lights on them, those are objects that these animals will be attracted to,” Harvey Halvorsen of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resouces told WEAU. “Especially the bridges, if bridges have lighting, the Hexagenia adults will be attracted to the bridges.”

Wisconsin resident Glen Siewer says he has four wheelbarrows full of mayflies.

“A lot of people don’t like walking through them,” he told WEAU. “The bridge up here gets extremely slippery. We have a couple of accidents just about every year due to the mayflies.”

Nope. Never moving to any place that this, or anything like it, occurs.



Here’s the mayfly radar.

June232012 mayfly-infestation-wisconsin-pics-9 mayfly-infestation-wisconsin-pics-11

Wisconsin, I now supply you with your temporary anthem. No need to thank me. Not living in Wisconsin to experience this shit is plenty thanks enough.

[H/T Mentality Mag]

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