Massive Fight Breaks Out Between Parents At High School Graduation Over Saving Seats

by 11 months ago

Finally, a graduation ceremony worth attending!

A brawl between adults attending Arlington High School’s graduation ceremony in Tennessee has been making the rounds on the internet. The genesis of the fight: saving seats, USA Today reports.

“We didn’t do anything but sit in seats they said weren’t ours,” one woman says in a video.

Tammy Mason, superintendent of the Arlington Community Schools, said in a statement Wednesday:

“Last night we celebrated 500 students who graduated from Arlington High School. This year’s class earned over $30,600,000 in college scholarships. It was unfortunate that a couple of adults in the audience exhibited the behavior they did prior to the ceremony beginning and thus has caused a distraction from the celebration of our students’ accomplishments.”

How about another angle!

Is there a funnier song to play in the background of a parent brawl than the ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ graduation song? You simply can’t script that juxtaposition.

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