Watch Matt Stonie DESTROY ‘The In-N-Out’ Burger Challenge — Four In-N-Out 4×4 Burgers In Under Three Minutes

by 2 years ago

Sorry, Five Guys freaks: Despite whatever a poll says, In-N-Out Burger is and always will be the best fast food burger in America. One of the reasons why In-N-Out is so great is that they’ll make your burger however you want. For example, the In-N-Out 4×4: Four delicious, fresh beef patties stacked together as one burger with cheese on that signature In-N-0ut bun.

In an act of true savagery, Matt Stonie — the man who set the Peep-eating world record back in April — devoured four 4x4s in a matter of minutes. It’s a hell of a feat,

Now I want to see Stonie vs. Molly Schuyler in a cheeseburger-eating contest. She smashed the world record for cheeseburger eating back in May, so such a competition would be the McGregor vs. Mayweather of cheeseburger eating.

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