Sad Binge Eating News: McDonald’s is Replacing Their Dollar Menu With a Dollar Menu & More Menu

According to Adage:

The company's CEO Don Thompson said on its third-quarter earnings call Monday morning that the menu will be rolled out nationally and supported by national advertising dollars. He did not supply details on when the menu would launch, but a spokeswoman confirmed that “all restaurants are selling the Dollar Menu & More on Nov. 4,” with advertising launching Nov. 11. Omnicom's DDB Chicago is McDonald's lead creative agency.

The new menu will keep “some elements of the dollar menu, [while] adding two more tiers for our customers,” said the spokeswoman. The Dollar Menu & More lineup includes sandwiches that range from $1 to $2. The third and priciest tier will see items like a 20-piece McNugget around the $5 mark.

Why is there even a need for there to be a menu within a menu? Why can't people look on the big fucking board over the cashier's head, see the item on the right and then the corresponding dollar amount on the left? And then, in a mind-blowing move, order the item that they want and can afford? That's how most menus work and no one seems to be fucking that up.

I understand the original Dollar Menu concept (Look, our food is affordable, YAY!), but this is fucking stupid. McDonald's, who at one time threatened to sue me over a trademark application, is fucking stupid. Bada ba ba ba, go suck a dick. 

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